Press asked Tommy Tardie about The Best High-Roller Scotch


Training seminar at Fine & Rare on the lesser-known French brandy, Armagnac

– The New York Times

Fine & Rare Debuts its New Secret Menu

– Robb Report

” The room is large, but because the tables are isolated from one another, each setting is intimate and unique ”

– Manhattan Sideways

Fine & Rare owner Tommy Tardie on Whiskey and Programs.

– The Tasting Panel

Fine & Rare, a stylish whisky and jazz joint in Midtown Manhattan, recently launched a secret menu featuring even finer and rarer offerings than you can normally find at the year-old spot.”

– The Manual

” The venue itself is elaborately beautiful – from a stage where you can find live jazz on most nights, to elements of the bar styled in original accent pieces from New York’s Grand Central Station ”

– Dram Attic

Best Cold-Weather Beverages according to our Bar Manager, Joseph Bennett

– Playboy

“One of our favorite places to get a delicious fall drink is Fine & Rare”

– Out Traveler

” Guests experience Old New York’s art deco style, with a huge selection of scotch, bourbon, rye, tequila, mezcal, rum and brandy lining its walls ”

– Archer Website

One of the ten best bars in America for rare bourbon

– Men’s Journal

“ Three guys, two hours, Ten limited edition whiskies at Fine & Rare

– Huffpost

“ In Fine & Rare there are 400 different types of whiskeys and the number will continue to grow. As you become more and more specialized in any spirit, your consumers begin to look at you as an authority in that field 

– The Hedonist

“ The bar stocks an incredible range of lesser-spotted spirits that will make even the casual visitor feel like an intrepid adventurer.

– Mr Porter


“ There’s more to Fine & Rare than what goes into your glass, though. As with The Flatiron Room, patrons can expect nightly live jazz, excellent food, and a mood-setting atmosphere.

– Old Liquors Magazine

“ Every bit of flare and fancy at Fine & Rare harkens back to Old New York, from the midcentury-style Chesterfield sofas to the Art Deco wallpaper

– Time Out New York

“ This bar and restaurant from Tommy Tardie, the managing partner of the Flatiron Room, puts an emphasis on high-quality spirits

– New York Times

“ Fine and Rare will focus on spirits in the brandy, rum and the agave categories (while the Flatiron Room focuses on whiskey)

– Eater

“ A sitting room complete with a fireplace sets the tone for sipping strong mezcals, listening to live music, and perusing a menu of cheese, charcuterie, and oysters

– Thrillist


“ Nightly live music, impressive seafood towers and the most fragrant and herbaceous drinks we’ve seen

– Urban Daddy